Metroparks, partners quietly exalt and nurture the fragile Cuyahoga


Tucked away in Parma in the heart of the West Creek Reservation sits a beautiful and living facility that will fill even the most jaded visitor with wonder. Its name, however, evokes images of test tubes filled with murky water, dull data sheets and scientists donning lab coats and thick glasses. The reality at the Watershed Stewardship Center is the exact opposite.

Treating rainfall the way Mother Nature intended

The first and most striking thing you see at the center is a living green roof atop the front portico. Beneath it, a pond gurgles under a delicate web of water lilies. Rain gardens bloom all around. Grasses dot wetlands in an area that was formerly strewn with piles of construction debris. And it all goes to serve one lofty purpose. (Continue reading on

– Photo © Bob Perkoski,