Municipality Partnerships

Together we will enrich the lives of all people in Northeast Ohio. 

A Positive Impact on Communities

West Creek is a regional land trust and watershed group that has been serving Northeast Ohio since 1997. This unique organization gives us the flexibility to act as both a land conservancy, protecting valuable greenspace, as well as providing watershed services to our area municipalities.

Let’s Make Sustainability a Priority

We serve as a resource to our municipal partners, helping them to become more sustainable communities. Protecting natural resources and expanding parks and trails is necessary for a community to thrive. Local residents and businesses recognize the value of these natural spaces and actively seek to live where they can connect with nature.

As neighborhoods continue to grow, sound stormwater programs and stormwater control measures become essential. Understanding how to implement these programs within a community requires the tools and knowledge of an organization like ours. Let’s work together to ensure the greenspace within your community is thriving. 

Our Impact

“We’ve been proud to partner with West Creek for over 20 years. They have been an asset to the Village and our residents, helping to expand our parks and trails, as well as provide assistance on an assortment of stormwater and water resource initiatives, while continuing to be an actively engaged community organization. The value of equitably accessible greenspace within our community and Village is indisputably important.”

– Mayor Procuk, Village of Brooklyn Heights

How We Help Municipalities

Supporting Your Sustainability Initiatives

Annual community memberships help us provide numerous services to our member communities.

  • Assistance to local governments and councils to understand stormwater permit requirements and updating regulations where appropriate.
  • Assistance with your community stormwater program and stormwater control measure (SCM) practices.
  • Training opportunities on watershed management practices for landowners, community professionals, and municipal workers. These trainings can range from rain-barrel workshops to bio-retention and basin management.
  • Resource assistance for local governments on economic incentives for watershed management, conservation, pollution prevention, and other practices.
  • Assistance in implementation of SCM practices that support onsitebased management practices, erosion and sediment control, riparian and wetland setbacks, and other improved local practices to address water quantity and quality issues.

  • Assistance in the preservation and protection of open spaces that aid the community in watershed management, conservation, pollution prevention, and other practices.
  • Zoning ordinance review and assistance to help ensure compliance on stormwater, riparian, and watershed issues.
  • Grant writing assistance for stormwater, watershed, and green space protection.
  • Mapping and GIS analysis of the community to help prioritize SCM management for efficiency of investment.
  • Assistance in allocation of NEORSD Community Cost Share (if applicable).
  • Provide volunteer community events to help improve local greenspaces through tree plantings, invasive removals, and stream cleanups.

Become a Partner

Our Impact

“Our partnership with West Creek, going on 24 years, has been nothing but a win-win for the City. They bring a unique skill to the table regarding natural resource protection and restoration as well as trail-greenway development and public engagement; helping to make the City of Parma a thriving and sustainable community.”

– Mayor Tim DeGeeter, City of Parma

Our Partners

Investing in the Health of our Neighborhoods and Communities

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Cuyahoga Heights
Garfield Heights
Maple Heights
Village of Valley View
Village of Highland Hills