Check out West Creek Conservatory’s Executive Director Derek Schafer as featured on

It’s been quite a week for West Creek Conservancy Executive Director Derek Schafer.

Not only did the U.S. Department of Transportation award $9 million for the Irishtown Bend stabilization project, which involves West Creek Conservancy as a partner, but the conservation organization was also recently presented a 2019 National Association of County Park and Recreation Officials “Outstanding Support Organization” award.

“It’s been pretty cool,” Schafer said. “The other day, Fox8 also saluted me as one of ‘Cleveland’s Own,’ so it’s been kind of a fun week.”

The National Association of County Park and Recreation Officials noted that “West Creek Conservancy is a conservation organization that reclaims vacant urban lands and restores streams, wetlands, woods and natural habitats in Greater Cleveland.

“West Creek Conservancy establishes trails and greenways to link people and neighborhoods, providing recreational opportunities for residents and visitors of Northeast Ohio while helping to conserve greenspace and manage stormwater.”

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter said both Schafer and West Creek Conservancy are wonderful partners with the city.

“He does excellent work,” DeGeeter said. “He’s a guy who knows how to get things done. We’re just honored that he received this award and the recognition that he deserves.”

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