Making Nature Your Neighbor

We are all together in getting through these tumultuous times. It has become imperative to connect to, and experience Nature if physically or virtually. Throughout Northeast Ohio there are gems to enjoy that are “low risk”, can help you get that breath of fresh air that you deserve, and will connect you to the natural world in which we live. Join us as we continue our journey to explore sites throughout our region and get our weekly West Creek Wednesday: Nature Fix! Together, we’ll explore some well-known trails and hidden gems we think you’ll be excited to learn more about.

The Hike: Memorial Park @ Stickney Creek in Brooklyn

Address: 7619 Memphis Ave, Brooklyn, OH 44144

With the stream hiked at lat./long: 41.436535, -81.741794

For this week’s installment of hidden gems throughout Northeast Ohio, we visited the serene and multi-dimensional nature of the Memorial Park in Brooklyn Ohio. From the winding trails up and down the hillsides, to the Stickney Creek that runs through the middle of it, to beautifully impactful Gorilla and Elephant sculptures that are prominently featured along the corridor there is interest for all walks of life. Mature willows, oaks and sycamores are featured throughout the park, and give you a sense into the history of this piece of land. The City of Brooklyn keeps a “meadow” hill that is both beautiful as well as acts as an erosion and stormwater control feature for the Stickney Creek.

Nestled between the Brooklyn City Hall, Brooklyn School’s stadium, and residences abundant in walking distance, this gem holds a unique opportunity for a multitude of users to take advantage of its resources.

If you’re looking for a relaxing walk within the developed world, Memorial Park can give you that break of nature that you are craving. It is highly recommended for a visit. Click here to visit the park website.

Conservation/Trail Work

There is significant investment in this park with specific focus on the stewardship and restoration of the Stickney Creek that runs through it. This stretch of creek, along with a section that starts at the Brooklyn Library on Ridge Rd, and through the School District’s land, and into Memorial Park is within the project scope of a recently awarded OhioEPA 319 restoration grant. That grant was awarded to West Creek Conservancy. Support is provided by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District as well as our partners in Mayor Gallagher and her City of Brooklyn team. In 2020-2021, there will be a restoration that enhances this park with an expanded floodplain to fix erosional and flooding issues that it is currently experiencing as well as a creation of a wayfinding and educational plan to maximize the utilization of this park as a regional asset in partnership with the City of Brooklyn.

In this process, we will be hosting on-site project walkthroughs as well as engaging the Brooklyn Schools in stream monitoring continuing the use of this stream as an Outdoor Science Laboratory.

Our team, in partnership with the City of Brooklyn, is actively working to re-connect, enhance the experience, and incorporate trailhead expansions for this trail system that will further the asset that this already is for the region.

Visit our project page to learn more, or visit to view their coverage of this project. 

Join us weekly for your Nature Fix as we tour properties throughout the region and extend the work of West Creek Conservancy onto your devices.

Memorial Park Gallery: Our Hike