Stickney Creek – Brooklyn Memorial Park Restoration

In partnership with Big Creek Connects and Mayor Gallagher of the City of Brooklyn, West Creek Conservancy has been awarded funds to restore Stickney Creek within Brooklyn’s Veterans Memorial Park.

This stretch has been increasingly eroding, compromising city infrastructure and sending large amounts of sediment downstream.

Work has been progressing steadily on the restoration of Stickney Creek. To date, the following steps have been accomplished:

  • All gabion baskets (~825 linear feet) within the project reach were removed and all 2,475 linear feet of eroding streambanks were replaced with one of six bioengineering bank stabilization techniques.
  • Removal of the downstream ford and replacement with a boulder riffle structure to prevent erosion of the downstream streambank as well as provide enhanced fish passage and habitat.
  • Removal of two failing downstream pipe segments and stabilization of the pipe outfall with a new boulder headwall and outfall boulder/cobble plunge pool to reconnect to Stickney Creek.
  • A total of 5 in-stream woody deflectors were installed, as well as ~90 linear feet of toe wood to provide in-stream habitat. At least two pieces of large woody debris were installed within each wetland pool and over 30 pieces of additional large woody debris were installed in the floodplain to provide additional cover for wildlife.
  • More than four acres of existing lawn in the floodplain was converted to riparian and floodplain forest. In addition, 0.21 acres of wetlands were created and 1.03 acres of pollinator meadow was restored.

Overall the site has seen a significant ecological uplift as floodplain connectivity has been restored, wetlands created, pollinator meadow restored, large woody debris habitat added to the floodplain and acres of lawn have been converted to riparian and floodplain forest.

Your support makes transformative projects like this possible!

This project was supported by the OhioEPA, City of Brooklyn and Mayor Gallagher, West Creek Conservancy, Big Creek Connects, and NEORSD.

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Volunteer Event at Stickney Creek