Delivering greater public access to parks and trails.

Providing Access to Greenspace: Trailheads give neighborhoods ready access to parks. West Creek Conservancy helped establish the one above near Dentzler Road in Parma, on the western edge of West Creek Reservation. The future trailhead at Parkhaven Drive on the eastern edge of the reservation will provide residents a similar opportunity to enjoy this natural area in their backyard.

The Challenge: Creating public areas in highly developed cities like Cleveland and its inner-ring suburbs has its challenges. At Cleveland Metroparks West Creek Reservation in Parma, public access has been confined to a few spots on the northern and western edges of this beautiful park. Access along its long eastern edge has been blocked by an unbroken row of residential lots and other private lands. Furthermore, the enhanced value of residential property bordering the newly created park has pushed up acquisition costs.

Our Action: Following years of landowner negotiations, West Creek Conservancy acquired a half-acre private property at the west end of Parkhaven Drive in Parma. This small but crucial parcel had been the former private gap between the eastern boundary of the park and a public road.

The Impact: Leasing this eastside addition to Cleveland Metro parks will allow creation of Parkhaven Drive Trailhead, providing convenient public access along a nature trail into the valley and trail network of West Creek Reservation.

This is a highlight from our 2016 Report to the Community of over 20 projects completed by West Creek Conservancy in 2015. The full report can be downloaded from our website.