Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to report to you that West Creek Conservancy reached two notable milestones in 2015; we began our 100th conservation project, and our total conserved habitat topped 1,000 acres. Considering that the median parcel size in all our projects is barely one acre, that second achievement is phenomenal.

Although these successes were carried out by our staff, volunteers, and partners working together, none could have been accomplished without your generous support.

In our 2016 Report to the Community, we want to highlight for you a few of our over 20 projects from 2015 and thank you – our amazing donors – for helping West Creek Conservancy do what we do best – protect our region’s urban natural resources.

Supporting West Creek Conservancy may be one of the most cost-effective, impactful investments you can make. Your investment in urban land conservation reaps a benefit many times larger for our community. The financial return alone is over 20-fold. Most of our impact helps people enjoy improved health, lower medical costs, reduced infrastructure costs, and higher property values. Less tangible benefits are equally important, providing people and wildlife with natural areas for their well-being today and for generations to come.

In 2016, as West Creek Conservancy kicks off its 20th year, we remain as dedicated as ever to making nature your neighbor. Thank you for taking action to strengthen your commitment to that vision. We look forward to continuing to earn your support as we work together toward a Greener, Greater Cleveland.

Click to Download our 2016 Report to the Community

Click to Download our 2016 Report to the Community

Jeff Lennartz, Chair, Board of Directors

Derek Schafer, Executive Director