Making Nature Your Neighbor

As many of us begin working from home, it’s important to remember that exercise and fresh air are important. In Northeast Ohio, we are incredibly lucky to have many great hiking/walking trails. We are excited to begin sharing West Creek Wednesday: Nature Fix! Together, we’ll explore some well-known trails and hidden gems we think you’ll be excited to learn more about.

The Hike: Hampton Hills Metro Park

Address: 2925 Akron Peninsula Rd, Akron, OH 44313

For our first installment, we visited land near the beautiful Summit Metro Parks ‘Hampton Hills Metro Park’. This 655-acre expanse in the Merriman Valley has stunning pristine cold water streams and “on/off-trail” hikes that will inspire, relax, and connect your mind while you get your well deserved breath of fresh air. The topography of the area is also prime for hidden waterfalls throughout your hike.

Conversation Work

Your West Creek Conservancy team has recently protected over 60 acres of prioritized natural resource land and stream with known Native American Cultural Sites near here.

West Creek are also nearing finalization of conserving another 82 acres in the Merriman Valley to ensure the beauty can be enjoyed for generations to come. Our efforts are ever-forward moving even in the turbulent world of today. Please enjoy the photo and video tour of some gems within this park.

Join us weekly for your Nature Fix as we tour properties throughout the region and extend the work of West Creek Conservancy onto your devices.

Hampton Hills Gallery: Our Hike

Explore Further with our Video: