Lake Erie Starts With Me!

Depending on where you are reading this, the title may or may not pertain to you. Looking at the image below, you’ll be able to roughly determine the boundaries of the Lake Erie and Ohio River Watersheds. Needless to say, wherever you live, work, or play, you’re in a major drainage system (watershed).

Lake-Erie-Watershed-SourceThough daunting to consider, every action we each take affects the water we drink, the water for our crops, and the water we play in. In a coordinated campaign across Greater Lake Erie, you may have seen the phrase “Lake Erie Starts Here’…or ‘with Me!”

Nothing is false about that statement, and it’s amazing the affects we have on such a large body of water – an asset we should not and cannot take for granted.

At West Creek Conservancy, we have worked to protect vital stream and wetland systems, forested areas, as well as open green spaces, all in an effort to protect the waters of Greater Lake Erie. Our goal is to protect, restore, connect and reclaim important natural areas throughout the Greater Cleveland area!

West Creek Conservancy has protected over 1,300 acres in an effort to protect and restore our waterways and drinking water; but it doesn’t stop there. Preserving is great, but much of our land and waterways need restoration and on-going stewardship.

Within our protected lands, we have implemented large and small scale stream and wetland projects (restoring miles of stream channel – like the West Creek Confluence Project), facilitated dozens of stormwater control and green infrastructure projects, and planted thousands of trees.

Again, it doesn’t stop there. Following restoration, we have the responsibility to maintain these areas, and that could include invasive species removal/control or additional plantings, among other tactics to help maintain ecological integrity.

Protect, restore and connect

Lastly to note, is an initiative to reclaim natural areas or areas that were otherwise unsustainably developed (like removing a structure in a floodplain or riparian area). Just remember that Lake Erie Starts with Me/You/Us and consider your daily actions and habits when gulping down a glass of tap water or swimming at our beautiful beaches!

 You can help: become a Stewardship Sponsor!

As we continue to raise awareness about protecting the water quality within the Lake Erie watershed, we invite you to become a Stewardship Sponsor. With each individual donation of $20 or more, you’ll receive a “Lake Erie Starts With Me!” shirt.

All proceeds benefit the West Creek Conservancy Stewardship Fund to help us continue to do our great work.


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