The Great Lakes, comprising a staggering 21% of the world’s surface freshwater and 84% of North America’s freshwater, stands as one of the globe’s most vital freshwater systems. In the face of climate change, cities along the Great Lakes shores are emerging as crucial stewards of these invaluable watersheds. 

At the heart of this environmental commitment lies the Watershed Stewardship Center, driven by a threefold mission: to restore and protect urban watersheds, advance the science of stormwater and watershed management, and actively engage the community in these crucial efforts.

Cleveland’s remarkable transformation from an industrial powerhouse to a leading advocate for environmental stewardship is a testament to the power of innovation, creativity, and professional dedication. This commitment has been instrumental in preserving green spaces, such as the West Creek reservation and the Watershed Stewardship Center, connecting communities through nature.

Located within the Cleveland Metropark’s West Creek Reservation, the Watershed Stewardship Center offers immersive education, interactive exhibits, and programs that educate about the intricacies of watersheds, stormwater runoff, flooding, and their local stream impacts. We welcome all to explore the exhibits, the reservation, and engage with our community.

As a grassroots watershed organization, we proudly collaborate with the Cleveland Metroparks and the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District to elevate our local waterways’ quality, vital for filtering the majority of our drinking water. This mini-documentary premiered in August 2023 during a special showing at the Watershed Stewardship Center.

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