West Creek Conservancy recently lost a longtime board member and cherished friend.

Irene Toth died July 5th.  She joined West Creek Conservancy as someone who loved sharing fossil history and raising public awareness of the environment.

Irene lived near West Creek valley and collected many fossils there, earning her the nickname The Fossil Lady.  An exhibit at West Creek Reservation contains some of her fossils.

After her husband Richard died, Irene became a frequent and enthusiastic volunteer with the Conservancy.  In 2003 she was elected to the board of directors.  Irene, a retired English teacher, wrote many articles about the West Creek area and became newsletter editor.

Irene often helped staff tables at various events, enthusiastically greeting guests and visitors with a warm, genuine smile.  She cared deeply about the natural world and held a commitment that inspired all who knew her. She will be greatly missed.