Jeffrey Lennartz

I’m a passionate environmentalist.  Growing up in Parma, I saw many woodlands replaced by housing.  This spurred me to join and help lead conservation groups starting in 1980.  I later helped found some groups, including West Creek.  As a senior research engineer at Momentive Technologies, I have delighted in developing high-performance materials for many industries.  But in my spare time, as an avid hiker and constant explorer, I’ve also delighted in over 40 years of discovering and sharing what Cleveland offers.  The hidden natural landscapes that wind through our neighborhoods need protection and recognition as much as our major parklands.  All are vital to our health and wellbeing.  I now live in Cleveland’s Old Brooklyn neighborhood with my wife Judith.  I look forward to continuing West Creek’s success in strengthening our region and enriching the lives of its people by protecting our natural areas.