Irishtown Bend

West Creek Conservancy, LAND studio, the Port Authority, and Ohio City Inc. are working to transform Irishtown Bend into an urban park connecting Ohio City to downtown and Lake Erie. Because the scale of the project is such that it will take years to complete, the partners are implementing shorter-term inter­ventions on the hilltop along West 25th Street.

Progress has been made in regard to the stabilization of the hillside. In July, the U.S. Department of Transportation awarded a $9 mil­lion grant to the Port to install bulkheads necessary to protect the river from a landslide. In addition, a $1.8 million commitment was made by Cuyahoga County to fund the relocation and reconstruction of Franklin Avenue—a key component of Irishtown Bend Vision Plan.


In June, LAND studio and West Creek Conservancy completed the transfer of over twelve acres of land and two buildings from CMHA. This transfer gives the project partners site control over all but 2 parcels within the future park’s footprint. It is expected that the buildings will be demolished during the first half of 2020.

The Port has contracted with Osborn Engineering to fully engi­neer the hillside on an 18-month process. Once that work has estab­lished the new grading contours of the hillside, project partners can begin turning the Irishtown Bend Vision Plan into schematic plans for the park.

Scott Cataffa of Plural (formerly with CMG) will develop a Phase 1 design plan for the neigh­borhood park along the upper bank of Irishtown Bend parallel to West 25th Street between Detroit and Bridge Avenues. To date, sup­port for hilltop design work has been secured from the Tecovas Foundation, Dominion Energy, the Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust, and the Louise H. and David S. Ingalls Foundation.