Dusty Goldenrod Preserve

Invasives Removal at Dusty Goldenrod Preserve

The Dusty Goldenrod Conservation project preserved one of the last remaining areas of high quality wetlands in the Euclid Creek watershed and Cuyahoga County and the only known location in Ohio of a state listed endangered plant, the Dusty Goldenrod, (solidago puberula) as well as the state endangered fork rush (juncus dichotomus). The site is located in the Euclid Creek watershed, a coastal tributary to Lake Erie, in the City of Highland Heights, Cuyahoga County. The property hosts Cat 3 and Cat 2 wetlands, Class III and Class II headwaters to the East Branch of Euclid Creek.

The site is significant for its presence of the Dusty Goldenrod (Solidago puberla) and Fork Rush (Juncus dichotomus), which are both on the state’s endangered list. This is the only known site in the State of Ohio where Dusty Goldenrod is located. The meadow has been identified by botanists from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History (CMNH), the Cleveland Metroparks (CMP), and Cleveland State University (CSU) as a unique prairie remnant with rare and endangered Ohio plants. 3.5 acres of palustrine meadow are part of the site where a diversity of plants exists. Also present on the site are four headwater streams draining to the East Branch of Euclid Creek and numerous wetlands including Category 3 wetlands, the highest quality wetlands as identified by the Wetland Delineation assessment performed for the site in 2006 and 2018. These areas have relatively little non-native, invasive weed pressure. This site is one of the few sites remaining in the Euclid Creek watershed with these highly ecologically valued rresources in tact.

The project also expanded Highland Heights City Park to over 124 acres (building upon 2 previous Clean Ohio greenspace acquisitions/investments).

This project was completed in partnership with West Creek Conservancy, Friends of Euclid Creek, City of Highland and the Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District; with support from the Clean Ohio Greenspace Program.