Liz Boehm

My love for the outdoors began when I was growing up outside of Cincinnatibuilding forts in
the woods, finding fossils in creeks, and serving as a nature camp counselor for kids from the
inner city. Since moving to Cleveland in 2005, our greenspaces have been an important part of
my life. My best memories here include hiking, running or cycling in our parks, being out on the
water on a perfect Northeast Ohio summer day, or simply enjoying an evening in nature with my

It’s important to me to help preserve our greenspaces. As a member of the West Creek board,
I’m looking forward to helping ensure that others can have the same enjoyment of the natural
beauty here in Ohio that I’ve been so fortunate to have.

A marketing and business development professional, I’ve spent my career communicating
value, building relationships, and identifying ways for organizations and businesses to work
together. I’m excited to pair this experience with my passion for the outdoors as I work to
support West Creek’s mission.