Expanding West Creek Reservation

Since 1997, West Creek Conservancy (WCC) has been tasked with preserving lands within the West Creek watershed, which began with the larger tract of land located off W. Ridgewood in the City of Parma, which is now the 16th gem in the Cleveland Metroparks Emerald Necklace, topping over 500 acres.

Once a forgotten valley the park is now receiving over 175,000 visitors each year, including the thousands of children educated at the Watershed Stewardship Center – an epicenter of urban watershed restoration, education and professional development; all made possible because of a unique public-private partnership between WCC, Cleveland Metroparks, the City of Parma and the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. Within the last 12 months, WCC has preserved an additional 70+ acres in the watershed, including miles of stream channel, important floodplain, upland forests and wetland complexes.

The West Creek watershed, following WWII, experienced some of the fastest growth in the state if not the country. WCC’s initiatives are helping to literally piece back together an otherwise broken puzzle of green space and water ways.