West Creek Headwaters Restoration

This stream is part of the West Creek headwaters which flows into the mainstem less than a ½ mile downstream. The property surrounding the stream is managed by Cleveland Metroparks and maintaining the existing forested corridor is important for the long-term health of West Creek.

This project was designed and constructed to address some erosion and stream in-stability that is unfortunately all too common across the West Creek watershed.

The cause of the instability and stream erosion is attributed to increased storm water runoff from streets and roof tops that simply overwhelm many of the small headwater streams that as this.

The photo above is an example of one of the two large erosion areas that was addressed with this project. The project does an important service to the watershed by reconnecting the stream to its original wide flood prone area and valley and stabilizing these erosion areas.

The restoration was accomplished in a design-build manner after analysis of the existing conditions and designing streambed features that work with the valley topography and existing stream channel geometry. Larger imported stone functions as the core stability for the streambed to resist the stormwater runoff from future degradation. In turn, the stability improves the habitat for aquatic and terrestrial organisms using the headwater stream. Native plantings were installed along the corridor to improve the long-term canopy quality.

The picture above shows the new reconnected floodplain. This allows for the water to flow into the area allowing for infiltration. By establishing these new floodplains a diverse plant community will establish in order to improve habitat. This restoration will improve the overall health of this West Creek tributary.

Project Participants:

West Creek Conservancy, Cleveland Metroparks, The City of Parma, Great Lakes Restoration, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Ohio Public Works, River Reach Construction and EnviroScience

West Creek Headwaters Restoration

West Creek Headwaters Restoration