West Creek Headwaters Restoration “Coventry”

Just North of Normandy High School, on a headwater stream that feeds the West Creek, there was an incised 300 linear foot stretch whose banks were slumping, and floodplains weren’t being utilized to their fullest potential.

West Creek Conservancy commissioned EnviroScience to engineer and stabilize these banks and reconnect the stream to the adjacent unused floodplain.

This included toe rock, bioengineering, and branch layering. Upstream, many riffles were regraded to make the floodplain more accessible. The failing hillsides were graded back and secured to reduce the sediment loading downstream.

The outlet culvert that goes under Coventry Drive was protected and cleaned of debris. This restoration was strategically prioritized, and money was leveraged to help the watershed from the headwaters to the confluence.

This project was supported by the OhioEPA, City of Parma and Mayor DeGeeter, Cleveland Metroparks, West Creek Conservancy, EnviroScience and team, and NEORSD.