Portfolio Category: Land Restoration

Watershed Stewardship Center

West Creek Reservation is a 324-acre natural park surrounded by residential neighborhoods and leased to Cleveland Metroparks by the City of Parma and West Creek Conservancy. Staffed, operated, and maintained by Cleveland Metroparks, the Reservation reflects the wishes of Parma residents who voted to preserve the natural character of their public parkland with its hills,…
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Seven Hills Linkage Trail

Since 1999, Dave Vasarhelyi, founding Director of West Creek Preservation Committee (now West Creek Conservancy – WCC), had envisioned a trail extending east from Cleveland Metroparks West Creek Reservation to the Towpath Trail at Cuyahoga Valley National Park. He believed the trail would “become one of the best resources utilized by the community.” WCC sought…
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Kinsman Farm

The Kinsman Farm is a six-acre “incubator” farm located in the Kinsman neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. The City of Cleveland has identified urban agriculture development as a strategic component of its vision of the future. In order to develop infrastructure to encourage and support urban agriculture production within Cleveland, the Kinsman Farm was developed through…
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Henninger House Restoration

It still stands—a sturdy, stone sentinel once standing watch over the settlers below—settlers swarming into the community of “Cleaveland” created by the confluence of the Cuyahoga and the Lake. It still stands—a home of stone hewn from the same quarry that helped spur Northeast Ohio’s economic expansion by providing sandstone for the breakwall protecting the…
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